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Project Description
NLocalizer for NET is the fast, simple and friendly solution for localization .NET applications, by text files, so there is no need to recompile the project to add a new language or to modify the existing one. 


Example text 'Polish.lang' file of translation in the application directory):

locale pl
(MainForm)BrowseFolderMenu.Text = Przeglądaj folder
(MainForm)ExampleDialogsMenu.Text = Przykładowe dialogi
(MainForm)ExampleFontMenu.Text = Wybierz czcionkę
(MainForm)LanguagesMenu.Text = Języki
!(Messages)TitleError = Błąd
(TestForm)label1.Text = Etykietka

Then, You can click into 'Polish' menu:

And execute simple code

Translator.Translate("Polish", this);

or easier:


So, all controls from text file in the form will be translated:

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