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You may switch compilation into concrete framework version, if You put into .lang:

framework v3.0

If framework doesn't specified, then runtime code will be compiled by Your program framework version.

You can get source code generated by NLocalizer library, if You put into .lang:

debug file.cs

If file.cs doesn't specified, then NLocalizer.cs.

You may enable log file, if You put into .lang:

log file.log

If file.log doesn't specified, then NLocalizer.log.

Example log file:

=== Start translation ===
Date and time: 2011-09-03 16:51:18
NLocalizer framework: v2.0.50727
NLocalizer full name: NLocalizer, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
NLocalizer file: file:///C:/pk/my/cs/NLocalizer/NLocalizer/Bin/NLocalizer.DLL
NLocalizer version:
Program framework: v2.0.50727
Program full name: NLocalizer.Example, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
Program file: file:///C:/pk/my/cs/NLocalizer/NLocalizer/Bin/NLocalizer.Example.exe
Program version:
Translation framework:
Translation code template: NLocalizer.tpl
Translation debug: NLocalizer.cs
Translation log: NLocalizer.log
Translation dll: none
Translation using: none
Translation static: none
Translation macro 1 of 3: Application.ProductName
Translation macro 2 of 3: Application.ProductVersion.ToString()
Translation macro 3 of 3: Messages.TitleInformation
Translation English: en, en-029, en-AU, en-BZ, en-CA, en-GB, en-IE, en-IN, en-JM, en-MY, en-NZ, en-PH, en-SG, en-TT, en-US, en-ZA, en-ZW
Translation Polish: pl, pl-PL
Translation english language name: English
Compile framework version: v2.0
Compile directory: C:\pk\my\cs\NLocalizer\NLocalizer\Bin
Compile dll 1 of 6: nlocalizer.example.exe
Compile dll 2 of 6:
Compile dll 3 of 6: mscorlib.dll
Compile dll 4 of 6: system.dll
Compile dll 5 of 6: system.drawing.dll
Compile dll 6 of 6: nlocalizer.dll
Compile using 1 of 3: NLocalizer.Example
Compile using 2 of 3: System.Windows.Forms
Compile using 3 of 3: System
Compile macro 1 of 3: Application.ProductName
Compile macro 2 of 3: Application.ProductVersion.ToString()
Compile macro 3 of 3: Messages.TitleInformation
Compile: OK

You can set Your own template to generate code:

template file.tpl

If file.tpl doesn't specified, then NLocalizer.tpl. See also: Code templates.

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